In order to develop novel approaches to understanding, predicting and emerging actionable insights from behavioural data we utilise numerous datasets. These datasets can be:

  • publically acessible open data
  • open data available on request
  • data collected as part of the research project
  • private sector data (shared for reserach via legal agreements)

Information regarding datasets used within published work is detailed on our publications page. Due to the nature of the data we analyse strict data security and management policies. Our data management plan is available on request. We are fully compliant with the UK’s EPSRC policy framework on research data and we ensure we meet the highest standards required across all our partner companies and funding bodies.

We apply similar attention to both privacy and ethics (this is a key strand in the Horizon Institute’s research remit) – as standard practice at Horizon, all projects are subject to approval by the Ethics Committee of Computer Science Department, University of Nottingham.