Policy Workshop: Commission of Science and Technology, Tanzania

Neodem Geospatial Fellow, Mark Iliffe, helped organize a geospatial policy workshop at the Tanzanian Commission of Science and Technology. At this workshop, the Ramani Huria Community Mapping project was launched. Through supporting the broader launch of Ramani […]

Industrial Presentation: Boots Lunch & Learn

Today, the EPSRC Neodemographics project was pleased to present the progress of its human behavioural research to over 150 employees at Boots PLC. James Goulding led a session as part of the Lunch & Learn […]

Projected Augmented Reality Models

The Projection Augmented Reality Model (PARM) system is an award winning new display system, being developed on the EPSRC Neodemographics Project as a collaboration between Horizon Digital Economy Research and Gary Priestnall at the University […]

New KTP Researcher joins the team

We are proud to welcome the latest addition to the Neodemographics research team today in the form of Vanja Ljevar. Vanja is researching the concept of a Change Readiness Index, in the context of the […]

Congratulations to Dr Mark Dimond and Dr Will Preston

Many congratulations to our first affiliated PhD students, Dr Mark Dimond and Dr Will Preston, to graduate from the Horizon DTC. Mark’s PhD was entitled “Journey Extraction for Route Prediction” and William’s “Attack Points for […]

Presentation to TiGo, Tanzania

Neodemographics is pleased to announce the project’s partnership with TiGo PLC in Tanzania. Together we will be exploring how new algorithms CDR data might generate new insight into urban planning and intelligent mobility in East […]

Industrial Presentations in China

The Neodemographics project would like its thanks to colleagues in China, who offered such a warm welcome over the last week. We would particularly like to extend our gratitude to Experian Hong Kong, China Telecom […]

International Forum on Navigation and Technology (Shanghai)

Today the Neodemographics project was proud to exhibit some of it’s initial research at the International Forum on Navigation and Technology in Shanghai, China (pictured). The project is continuing to work with partners in Africa, […]