Academic Presentation: British Thoracic Society

What impact does the media have on behaviour? In conjunction with researchers from the East Midlands Academic Health Sciences Network and the University of Nottingham Division of Respiratory Medicine our work on the Potential impact of air […]

Academic Partnership: Warwick University

We are happy to welcome Neil Stewart, Anya Skatova and Tim Mullett of the University of Warwick as official collaborators on the Neodemographics project. Together we shall be combining research on the analysis of Consumer […]

Neodem “Data Science” Workshop – Academia meets Industry

Today, we welcomed Neodemographics’ industrial partners for a one day Data Science workshop. The day brought together researchers from diverse academic domains, such as statistics, psychology and computer science with business analysts for a range […]

Paper Presentation at SIGKDD Time Series Workshop

Duncan Barrack has just presented our paper in Sydney, Australia: AMP: a new time-frequency feature extraction method for intermittent time-series data. In: SIGKDD Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time Series.  This was mining and […]

Collaboration with Dunnhumby

The Neodem team is very pleased to now be collaborating on research with Dunnhumby, a company who forged the way in analysing consumer behaviour from mass transactional datasets in the UK. We look forward to […]

Workshop: Data Science in the NHS

The Neodem teamy delivered the first part of a two part Data Science training workshop at NHS England in Leeds. The workshop aimed to up-skill analysts across the NHS, providing a two day, intensive introduction […]

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Challenge Win for Duncan

Today Dr Duncan Barrack gave his winning talk at the IEEE Neural Engineering Conference (NER2015) in Montpelier, France, after taking the first prize for the Kaggle competitition: “Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Challenge”. The challenge used EEG […]

Presentation, VOLCROWE (NEMinDE Workshop, Oxford)

Prof. Andrew Smith and Dr James Goulding today presented the project’s ongoing work at the VOLCROWE workshop/ in Oxford, part of the NEMODE network. The workshop focus was on Volunteering and Altruism in the Digital […]