Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Challenge Win for Duncan

Today Dr Duncan Barrack gave his winning talk at the IEEE Neural Engineering Conference (NER2015) in Montpelier, France, after taking the first prize for the Kaggle competitition: “Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Challenge”. The challenge used EEG data captured from study participants who were trying to “spell” a word using visual stimuli. As humans think, we produce brain waves that can be mapped to actual intentions. In the competition, competitors were given the brain wave data of people with the goal of spelling a word by only paying attention to visual stimuli.

Duncan, a Mathematics Fellow on the Neo-demographics project at Horizon, won using a linear combination of two SVMs with linear kernels and different feature sets, and his interview at the event can be found here: Winner’s interview/

The winning code can be found here: github code

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