Projected Augmented Reality Models

The Projection Augmented Reality Model (PARM) system is an award winning new display system, being developed on the EPSRC Neodemographics Project as a collaboration between Horizon Digital Economy Research and Gary Priestnall at the University of Nottingham’s school of Geography.

PARM situates Big Data Analysis into a physical,  3- dimensional environment, providing a completely new form of data visualization. Using digital projection onto physical models in combination with a multi-screen display ecology, it combines the affordances of interactive mapping and physical landscape modelling to promote more effective engagement with data (both live data as well as personal data). Our first installations indicate that it provides an extremely  compelling experience for users. Central to the display is a physically milled model generated from LIDAR & RADAR data (which can be at a range of scales) mounted flat on a plinth around 80cm high, with a data projector mounted above

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